Canva is a great Software as a Solution (SaaS) photo editing tool. Similar to GIMP. It has the advantage of being available in a web interface. This means you can access it through most web browsers or download it from the App Store on both iPhones and iPads.

Canva supports single sign-on (SSO) so it very easy to sign up and eventually sign-on when using it.


Canva offers several commonly used designs. This allows you to easily design what you want very quickly without the hassle of researching dimensions of a graphic and messing around with proportions. I personally found the YouTube Channel Art and Facebook Cover designs very useful.


Once you select your design or set custom dimensions you can choose from thousands of images and design graphics however you want. The main downside of Canva compared to programs such as GIMP is that it has no polygon tool meaning that you cannot cut objects out of images. If you need to achieve the task of cutting out objects you would need to use another web application called Autodesk Pixlr which I will be posting about soon…


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